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PVR Mobile Application


Movie booking mobile application

The PVR Cinemas application allows customers to make online cinema bookings, and pre-order food and beverages to be delivered to their seats at a time preferred by the customer on top being another platform to check what is on at the cinema.


PVR had an existing application which had only been used by 10% of the users,50% of users used a third party website/app to make bookings. Research showed PVR Cinemas generated most of its profit through food and beverages sales and not through ticket sales. This helped us come up with an application supporting food and beverage orders along with their ticket booking. In addition to this, the application was designed in a way to recognise user preferences and create tailored recommendations such as based on the genres they watch. This project was my first after joining Thoughtworks, and user research had already been carried out by two other designers. This meant I had to just complete the visuals and the client had another company for developing the application. This waterfall project management method was the most challenging part of the project as it meant I had to foresee any challenges that could arise during development.

The project was a success and feedback from the client showed an increase in usage to 30% of their bookings

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